Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I picked out some sexy items that I liked on Etsy yesterday and I wanted to share my treasury list with you all...this is a great way to support artisans directly and to accumulate a library of your own fashion picks:)
Etsy is truly a beautiful thing:)

Happy Hunting

corsets, lace and other sexy things

Little Georgie

The  first crafty craft I can remember making was a macaroni necklace in kindergarten. We were getting ready for Thanksgiving and I was making my little indian noodle necklace with color dyed hard noodles-because clearly that's what they did, and I remember loving it.
In fact everything about that year that I can remember was creative and colorful. Painting, cutting, glueing, coloring, stringing, themes, parties, sweets, and fun. I was the ring master in the school circus, we had a teddy bear picnic, and of course we made valentines and gave them to our sweethearts ...which was juuust about everyone. It was a beautiful time and truly an inspiration for the artist that I have become.
Thank you Miss Maddison and well, duh,  Thank you mom as well because lets face it, when school was over we just kept that ball rolling and here I sit today, totally broke...but so crafty and happy as hell:)